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Sofia Property Management

Residential property in the UK - and London in particular - offers an exceptionally good risk/return profile.  In fact, the sector recently scored the highest “Sharpe Ratio” (a measure of risk/return) of all asset classes.

And with just a small proportion of London homes held by professional investors, the opportunity for experienced professionals can be a very attractive one.

At Sofia Property Management we have spent years honing the way we implement every single element of our integrated service to deliver maximum impact.  The cumulative sum of each small improvement can be extraordinary. 


Experience  (Under promise, over deliver)

The most valuable asset we have is our experience. After viewing many thousands of properties and buying approximately £3million worth of properties we have created a seamlessly integrated, incredibly efficient and consistently profitable operation.

In recent years our profits have typically doubled between initial forecast and project completion, thanks to our knowledge in finding innovative ways to boost the  value of the properties we produce.

Our forecasts remain conservative, always based upon detailed comparable research from recently sold and marketed properties against which the quality and value of our end product compares.

Efficiency (Practice makes perfect)

​We like to think we’re a nice bunch of people, but we play tough when we need to. We negotiate hard to seal the best prices, but in return offer quick, reliable payments and high levels of repeat business: a compelling win-win proposition to our agents and suppliers.

Strong leadership ensures the right results are achieved. Our hardworking and honest team of builders is led by SJC Developments - we regularly incorporate their suggestions into our best practice.

We go out of our way to innovatively source higher quality components, regularly buying online, second-hand and factory seconds that we can incorporate into our builds to boost the standard of finish without increasing costs. For example, we recently bought £12,000 worth of Harrods designer bedroom furniture for £1,200.
We work fast, we work smart, and we make money work hard.

And our own integrated construction company provide reliable and effective services tailor-made to complement our process.

Contacts (Who? What?)

They say it's not what you know but who you know. Well, Sofia Property Management know both what and who.
We are regularly advised on new opportunities about to become available thanks to our excellent agency, auction houses and receivership contacts, built on a decade of reliable business. With the best deals only available for a very short period of time fast notification (and action) is crucial.

Strong links built on a decade of repeat business with local suppliers lead to significant discounts on materials.
We benefit from fast access to finance through strong relationships and a great reputation with banks, brokers, investors and funds - a reputation founded on a reliable track record. 

In short, we know the agents who know the sellers, the architects who know the standards, the planning consultants who know the policies. You should see our Christmas card list.

​Hardwork (Elbow grease)

​We have the knowledge. The contacts. The expertise. The efficiency. The financial models. But what brings everything together is good old-fashioned hard work.

Our investment team goes far beyond the extra mile. Literally. We put in an extraordinary amount of legwork sifting through thousands of properties and visiting hundreds of sites to identify the best deals on the market – as well as those not yet advertised.

We are constantly striving to generate the best possible risk adjusted returns, searching for great deals on materials. And tirelessly networking to expand our contact base (no, not only in bars and restaurants).
And when we aren’t doing all that, we’ll be on site talking to our builders, architects and investors to make sure everything is going according to plan.